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spin cord
Spinal  Cord  Injuries
suv rollover accident
Spinal cord injury


Spinal Cord Injuries

News Items

Stop Deaths and Injuries of Children Due to Motor Vehicle Design Flaws
Child safety advocates and consumer groups applauded today’s action in the Senate Commerce, Science and
Transportation Committee to move legislation to protect children from being injured or killed in non-traffic automobile

SUV Road Rage Tied To Time Crunch
Aggressive SUV driving is on the rise in the area as motorists grapple with longer commutes, worsening road congestion, and busier lives, law-enforcement officials say.

SUV Rollover Sends Two to Nyack Hospital
Two people were sent to Nyack Hospital last night after their sport utility vehicle rolled over on the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

Prince's Two Sons Blame Ford Motor Co. Explorer SUV For Father's Death
The three died when Delgado's Ford Mustang sideswiped the royal couple's Ford Explorer near Willow Road on Highway 101 in Menlo Park, causing the sport utility vehicle to roll over several times.

SUV Rollover Kills 9 Migrants
Nine undocumented immigrants were killed and five seriously injured Monday after a suspected smuggler tried to evade capture outside of Yuma and rolled an SUV carrying 22 people

12 Year Old Girl Killed After Being Thrown From SUV Rollover
The SUV rolled over the girl, Lundgren said. Witnesses and others were able to upright the vehicle, but the girl was declared dead at the scene.

Another 3-Year-Old Killed In SUV Rollover Car Crash
Police say the mother, 26-year-old Adelaida Alonso was headed west when she lost control of her vehicle, and crossed the median. The SUV flipped over, and landed on the opposite side of the road. Police say Alonso's 3-year-old was thrown through the windshield.

$150 million award cut in Ford Explorer SUV rollover
The jury verdict of $369 million included $246 million in punitive damages. It was the first damage award against Ford involving a rollover of an Explorer and one of the biggest personal-injury awards ever against an automaker.

TV host vows to push SUV seat-belt use
Her father wasn't wearing his seat belt because he just didn't like using them, she said. He died at the scene, but she wasn't told until later.

3-Month-Old Girl Dies In SUV Rollover Crash
A 3-month-old Riverside girl died after she was ejected from a sport utility vehicle as it rolled over on Highway 60 in Chino on Sunday morning, according to a California Highway Patrol news release.

Medical Breakthrough -- Exercise for Disabilities
Research shows regular exercise can help disabled people reduce pain meds, gain independence, lower their risk of developing other secondary conditions and improve everyday function.

Accident victim sues auto maker and dealer for quadriplegia
Angel Koch claims that on April 14, 2004, she was a passenger in a 2001 Jeep Cherokee that went out of control and rolled over on the roadway on Walnut Hill Road near Centralia. She claims the Jeep was defectively designed and manufactured and that the defects caused or contributed to her injuries.

Adult stem cell surgery may have teen walking again soon
Rabon’s story serves as a tangible example of the medical progress that is being made through adult stem cell research. The procedure Rabon had in Portugal is called olfactory mucosa transplantation and involves removing cells from the nerve that transmits the sense of smell to the brain.

Ford Recalling SUVs Over Head Protection Testing
Ford Motor Co. said Thursday it would recall nearly 150,000 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner sport utility vehicles after the government and the automaker reached different conclusions in safety tests measuring the driver's head protection in a crash.

Partial Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury in Rats
Combining partially differentiated stem cells with gene therapy can promote the growth of new "insulation" around nerve fibers in the damaged spinal cords of rats, a new study shows. The treatment, which mimics the activity of two nerve growth factors, also improves the animals' motor function and electrical conduction from the brain to the leg muscles. The finding may eventually lead to new ways of treating spinal cord injury in humans.

SUVs, Pickup Trucks Have Reduces Fatalities From Redesigning
The changes included lowering the height of SUVs, installing impact-absorbing bars below the front bumper, putting in side air bags and providing better head and neck protection for vehicle occupants.

Critical Safety Concerns About SUVs, Pickup Trucks, and Sport Utility Vehicles
Safety is a key aspect of any vehicle buying decision, but it's not very easy to assess on your own. Some buyers believe they need a large vehicle, such as an SUV or pickup, to protect them in the event of an accident. Other buyers worry about the higher incidents of rollover accidents involving pickup trucks and large truck-based SUVs.

SUV Crash Victims Confront Driver In Court
Ms. Berrios, a Nassau native and Chatham resident, was one of three passengers ejected from the SUV and one of eight Mr. McKay was driving to a concert in Altamont. Another passenger, 17-year-old Brittany Bernard of New Lebanon, remains in a wheelchair after suffering a spinal cord injury.

Minivans Get Side Impact Crash Tests
For the first time the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has evaluated the performance of minivans in side impact crash tests. The tests simulate crashes in which SUVs or pickup trucks strike the sides of minivans.

Kids Said No Safer In Suvs
Children riding in SUVs have similar injury risks to those in passenger cars, research from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia indicates that an SUV's increased risk of rollover during a crash offsets the inherent safety benefits associated with size and mass.

4X4s should have tobacco style warnings
SUVs, by almost any measurements, are more dangerous than other passenger cars. The Ford Explorer, America's biggest-selling SUV, is 16 times more likely than the typical family car to kill the occupants of another car in a crash.

Documents That Show Ford Weakened Explorer Roof Sealed By Court Order
Ford Explorer SUV documents sealed despite their relevance to a new proposed federal roof strength regulation. The documents show that Ford weakened the Ford Explorer roof and the vehicle has a low margin of safety in rollover crashes. Testing documents from Volvo demonstrate that a strong roof can protect occupants in a rollover.

Jaguars DT Marcus Stroud Rolls His Sport Utility Vehicle
Jaguars Marcus Stroud escaped serious injury after losing control of his vehicle while driving home for the holidays. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Stroud lost control of his sport utility vehicle, which then rolled over.

Ford Explorer excels in crash tests
Harmon said the crash ratings are due to a 2006 redesign, which resulted in a stiffer frame, more safety features, and interior changes such as moving the door handle to the armrest to make doors stronger.

Tests on side-impact protection are revived
Preventing rollover deaths is a top priority for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Car company officials working on the issue through the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers last year could not agree to install the sensors on their vehicles. Under pressure from regulators, an alliance group is now meeting regularly to develop a test that would encourage wider installation of the devices, especially on sport-utility vehicles.

Child injury risk similar in SUVs, cars-study
The study examined a sample from more than 72,000 children aged 15 or younger who were involved in crashes. The injuries sustained were to the brain, spinal cord, face, internal organs and limbs and included concussions, fractures and lacerations.

Proposal calls for stronger car roofs - NHTSA cites rollover death statistics
Despite the sobering statistics, the proposal calls for only a modest increase in roof strength, inclusion of large sport-utility vehicles and vans, and protection for car manufacturers from lawsuits brought by victims of rollovers in which the roof is involved.

Five injured in SUV crash on I-680
A 4-year-old boy was hospitalized with major injuries after a sport-utility vehicle he was riding in overturned on Interstate 680 in San Jose on Saturday morning, the California Highway Patrol reported.

Consumers Digest Warns of Limitations of Auto Safety Ratings
The age/experience or height of the person behind the wheel, for example, needs to be taken into account in the purchase of an SUV to determine how "safe" it is to drive.

Tragic victims of SUV menace
That sense of safety inside an SUV can be deceiving: Studies have shown that driving an SUV is more dangerous than driving a car, because the greater protection is outweighed by the higher risk of rolling over.

New SUV Safety Rules Test Automakers
Concerned about rising fatalities involving popular SUVs, government regulators are on the verge of taking the most aggressive steps to date to curb deadly rollover crashes -- moves that could undermine consumer demand for one of the industry's most profitable products.

Information on Buying A Safer Car From SaferCar.gov
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the agency of the Department of Transportation that conducts crash tests of new vehicles to determine the level of protection for drivers and passengers during frontal and side-impact crashes. NHTSA also conducts rollover tests to determine the likelihood of a vehicle rolling over if involved in a single-vehicle crash.

Government Proposes Standards To Prevent Rollovers
Would you survive if your car rolled over in an accident? The government is trying to improve your odds by proposing new safety standards. But critics say the government's proposal doesn't go far enough.

Officer dies as SUV flips over on expressway
At 3:35 a.m. yesterday, Rull was heading south on Interstate 93 in Quincy when he lost control of his 2001 Ford Explorer, and it rolled over. Rull, who was not wearing a seat belt, was ejected from the vehicle. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ford misled regulators on SUV data
Ford told NHTSA that most of serious neck injuries to the driver dummy occurred before the roof of the SUV crushed in during the crash test, according to Public Citizen. But Bidez said an analysis of data from the accelerometer -- a device that can measure the acceleration of various components of a vehicle -- shows that significant roof crush occurred prior to peak injury to the dummy’s neck.

Whatever it takes
Although the Portugal surgical procedure has created great buzz on Web sites devoted to patients with spinal cord injuries, Dr. Wise Young, director of the W.M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience at Rutgers University, has urged caution.

Adult stem cells can produce brain cells, study shows
Experts hope that, someday, adult stem cells from a patient's own bone marrow might be used to regrow and replace brain or spinal cord cells lost to injury or disease.

A Regulator Takes Aim at Hazards of SUVs
Big S.U.V.'s are built on stiff steel frames and are more unforgiving than cars in collisions. The results can be seen in statistics. When a light truck hits a car in the side, an occupant of the car is 29 times more likely to die than a person in the truck

Wreck closes I-75 . Georgia man dies after SUV rolls times
Trout was wearing a seat belt and had to be cut from the Explorer by hydraulic tools. She was also taken in a separate helicopter to UK. Folsom said she has a concussion and a back injury.

Powerball winner convicted in fatal SUV traffic crash
The crash killed Joshua Schmidt of Stillwater and left Amity Dimock of Minneapolis, with a severe spinal-cord injury. Both had been riding with Zell in her sport-utility vehicle when it blew two stop signs, reached speeds of between 59 and 71 miles per hour, and collided with a small pickup truck. The SUV spun, rolled over onto the driver's side and crashed roof-first into a tree.

Family settles for $5 million in fatal crash
The family of a Syracuse lawyer who was killed when his sport utility vehicle blew a tire and overturned in Pennsylvania has accepted $5 million to settle lawsuits filed in the crash.

Deadly Teen Sport Utility Vechicle Auto Crashes Show A Pattern
Sixteen-year-old Gerald Miller swerved his sport-utility vehicle to miss a car stalled on Interstate 95. The SUV, traveling about 78 mph, rolled five times. The boys were injured. The girls, Casey Hersch, and Lauren Gorham, were thrown from the SUV and died.

Teen killed in Benton Toyota 4-Runner SUV crash
A 14-year-old China girl was killed Wednesday in a two-vehicle crash after a sport utility vehicle rolled over on Route 100. Investigators at the scene said it appeared a red Toyota 4-Runner driven by Kathy Bragg of China crossed the center line, perhaps to turn into a driveway, and collided with a Dodge Stratus driven by Peter Stinson.

University of Pittsburgh Becomes National Model Center On Spinal Cord Injury
Paralysis as a result of spinal cord injury remains one of the most elusive injuries to cure and most expensive to treat. For the 250,000 individuals who are living with spinal cord injuries in the United States, costs for hospitalization, assistive technology and home adaptation can exceed $1 million over a lifetime

GM settles rollover case
General Motors Corp. agreed to settle a lawsuit that claimed the roof of its Astro minivan was defective and caused the death of a retired history professor in a 1999 rollover accident, during jury deliberations in the case.

Would you buy a car that looked like this?
One of the SUV's key selling points, its height, which is meant to make you feel safer, makes these cars twice as likely to be caught in fatal SUV rollover accidents as ordinary cars.

New government rules for safer seats
All passenger vehicles, including pick-ups and sport/utility vehicles, that are manufactured starting in September 2008 will have to comply with the head restraint standard.

Jury clears GM in rollover of Chevrolet Tahoe sport-utility vehicle
Accident victim Alan Kohutek argued at a trial of his personal-injury lawsuit against GM that the Tahoe is prone to rolling over during evasive driving maneuvers and that the roof doesn't protect occupants during a rollover.

The SUV Controversy

Rollovers And Sport Utility Vehicles - Safety Forum

Jeep Liberty Results Raise Questions About Accident Tests

SUV owners are mad! - Smart Motorist

Spinal Cord Repair Trials Given Go-Ahead

Kerry shows support of stem cell research to NH

Better Recovery for Spinal Cord Injuries

Possible Paralysis Cure Excites Scientists

Science making strides in treating spinal cord injuries

Magnetic treatment may help people with spinal cord injuries


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